Why do we need to repair the Air Conditioner

Air conditioners are an essential part of any home. It is conceivable for an AC to cool a house in spite of the fact that it is not working proficiently. A wasteful unit could require the consideration of an air conditioning repair service a few times each year. It likewise cools gradually and utilizes more vigor than would normally be appropriate. Here is a step-by-step list of the measures you need to follow, for maintaining your air-conditioner.

Unplug the unit from its power source. See to it that no electricity reaches the air conditioner.

Remove the bezel and filter of the air conditioning unit. When you remove the filter, you get to see the cooling coils of the air conditioner. In some models, full access to the inside coil can only be gained when the bezel or the front cover of the coil is removed. The cover is screw-secured. You can see and remove the screws after removing the filter. Channels ought to be cleaned or adapted no less than once at regular intervals.

Spray the cleaning agent. The specific air conditioner coil cleaners are sold at many home supply centers and the home depots. Use of the cleaners will remove all the adverse and unbearable odors from the coils and the air-conditioning unit. These occur because of mildew, mold, dirt and cigarette smoke, among other contaminants. See to it that the spray foam does not reach the electrical wires, the electrical controls and the other parts of the air conditioner. The spray foams work the best.

The filter can be cleaned easily with clean water. If it’s damaged, then there is need to replace it. If the filter is filled with dirt and other contaminants, then it may also be contributing towards the generation of false odor. You can use a scent containing dish soap or some laundry detergent, for cleaning the filter. 5. Replace the filter and the cover, and then turn on the power of the air-conditioner after around 15 minutes.
Set the settings to “cool” and then adjust the conditioner’s thermostat to its coldest setting. The foam and the dirt will get rinsed this way and will be collected in the drip pan.

Repeat the process again if you don’t get satisfying results. Keep repeating the same process again and again if you don’t get any satisfy results.

The air conditioner’s outdoor coils are exposed to rainwater. They get cleaned without any efforts. You can shut the unit off once again and search for the dirty and dusty areas. If you find them, then use the foam spray cleaner for cleaning them. Let the cleaner sit for around 15 minutes. Do not directly put a water stream within the coils through the water hose, but allow the spray foam to get floated away when the water is run over the outdoor coils.

Reconnect the unit to its power source, set to “cooling” and then adjust the thermostat for a low-temperature setting. The flow should be “cold” and devoid of any kinds of false odors. If the air conditioner still has false smelling odors and does not provide cool air, then it’s time for calling professional service for air conditioner maintenance. The professional service provider will look into the matters deeply. There may also be replacements required.
Regularly cleaning the air conditioner grille and filter will help to increase its longevity Sometimes your air conditioner may face some minor problems which you can solve by yourself, but if it is facing some kind of problem which you are not able to understand and able to fix then it’s always better to seek professional help. A professional and efficient air con repair service center will provide good technical assistance so that it can be repaired as soon as possible and will continue giving you good services. Not only they can solve your AC repair problems but can also answer most of your queries and can give you helpful advice to maintain your air conditioner in a proper way.

Mistakes To Avoid When Maintaining Your Air Conditioner

An air-conditioning unit is a very important equipment for a country such as Singapore where the weather and climate is mostly humid and hot. Singapore is actually one of the countries in Asia that has the highest percentage of population that uses aircon. Having an aircon that doesn’t work effectively is the worst thing that you will experience during the hot days. It is actually a good idea to hire a professional air-conditioning service company that can get your aircon repaired. An air-conditioning unit is actually a very good invention. It works in such an efficient manner and some aircon can even save electricity. In order to prevent causing damage to your aircon, you need to know the 7 mistakes to avoid in order to maintain your air-conditioner.

Not being able to do a routine maintenance program. It is important for you to do a routine maintenance program for your air-conditioner in order to ensure that all the functions of the unit will be carried out perfectly and smoothly. The air-conditioning unit is not just like other mechanical devices and it needs frequent tune-ups, cleaning of coils, replacement of several filters and clearing off of debris and dust so that you will get to experience the maximum performance efficiency of your air-conditioner. If you have this regular maintenance program, then you will not have to worry about emergency repairs in the future.

Not clearing the accumulation of debris and dirt. Emergency repairs happen in an air-conditioning unit if there is an accumulation of debris and dirt inside the machine. Inspecting and clearing off the debris and dirt in your air-conditioning unit will be able to prevent the obstruction of the air in the machine. The accumulation of debris and dirt is actually a common situation if you have huge trees around your house. This happens because leaves of the trees often get stuck in the air-conditioner which results in the prevention of air flow.

Adjusting the thermostat frequently. Modifying the thermostat frequently in order to change the temperature inside can hinder the good performance and condition your air-conditioner. This situation also causes failures and breakdowns. The best thing that you can do in order to change the temperature in the temperature that you will feel comfortable throughout the day. Changing the thermostat settings will also bring undue stress to your air-conditioner which can lead to emergency repairs. You can also use programmable thermostats in your home so that you can adjust the temperature without touching the thermostat. Through that way, repairs and breakdowns will be prevented.

Turning on and off the air-conditioning unit. If the air-conditioner is frequently being turned on and off, then it can cause the fan and the compressor to wear off quickly. The frequent turning on and off of the aircon will bring excessive stress to the unit. In order to prevent this, you can just turn on the air-conditioner during the day and turn it off during the night. You can also save energy buy doing this strategy.

Improper use of ceiling fans. The use of ceiling fans is to support your air-conditioning unit. The ceiling fans can actually save you a lot of electricity and money because it can cool off your place even through you are not using the maximum power of your air-conditioner. Emergency aircon repairs can also be prevented if you use the ceiling fans correctly. All your ceiling fans should be put in a way that they will be able to blow the air down to you and not up. Through this way, you can be assured that the hot air will be circulated into the air duct and the cool air will be able to go inside the home faster and easier. The ceiling fans basically help the air-conditioner to function effectively and to prevent repairs and breakdowns. Moreover, there are ceiling fans that are offered in a low price so you should try to buy one in order to make the function of air-conditioner better.

Importance of Water Heater Repairs and Maintenance

If you have ever had to take a cold shower because your water heater wasn’t working properly, you already know how unpleasant this situation can be. Most people don’t think much about their water heater, simply expecting it to provide hot water on a daily basis for everything from showers to dish-washing and laundry, and only notice the water heater when it’s not working. Unfortunately this means you’ll have to suffer with cold water until you can get someone out for a repair. Instead, it’s much easier to get regular maintenance and checkups on your water heater every year to reduce the chances that you will need emergency repairs. Plus these little heater repairs can extend the life of your water heat from its average of about 10 years.

Extended life – If you’re like other homeowners then you want to avoid having to replace your heater. A great way to do that is to get it inspected regularly. Over time, all the small problems that develop with your heater can cut its life short. But by detecting those problems early, you could extend your heater’s life.

Increased efficiency – Another awesome benefit of regular maintenance is that it could increase the efficiency of your system. With energy prices on the rise, this is a great investment for many homeowners.

Greater comfort – Finally, when your heater is working at peak performance because it’s being regularly inspected, cleaned and repaired by a professional you will likely get more comfort and better heating and cooling in your home.

Repairs & Maintenance Save Money

When your water heat is working inefficiently it is costing you money because it has to work much harder just to keep your water warm. Over time water heaters fill up with sediment and dirt—you’ll notice this in the form of knocking or banging noises from within the water heater. When that sediment settles at the bottom of the appliance, it has a harder time producing hot water and needs to be flushed.

Avoid Costly Repairs and Replacement

Just like with your personal health, “an ounce of prevention” with your water heater “is worth a pound of cure.” If you wait until you have a major problem with your water heater before calling a repair company, you have a much higher chance that the necessary repairs will be more costly and more extensive than if you have been getting regular maintenance and small repairs throughout the life of your water heater. Regular maintenance can spot leaks, corrosion, and other things impact the performance of your appliance. Plus if the damage is bad enough, you might just have to get the entire unit replaced—a cost that may have been avoidable with some preventive maintenance.

Avoid Catastrophic Breakdowns

Of course, the main reason to get regular maintenance is to avoid the major surprises like complete water heater failure, which could even lead to flooding in your basement and will mean high costs for repair or water heater replacement. Early detection of a problem will save you money, time, and the stress of taking those cold showers for a few days while you wait for a repair company.


Most homes invest in heating, ventilation and Central Air Conditioning system in order to live comfortably no matter what the season is. However, some of us  fail to maintain the upkeep of such big investment causing a waste of large amount of money. In order to prolong the life of your HVAC system, as well as keep your home cozy and cool as the case may be, you need to conduct a regular or routine maintenance of your equipment. In addition, well-kept system will mean more efficient units that will eventually result to lesser energy bill.


A combination of do-it-yourself and professional maintenance is required in order to maintain the efficiency and good condition of your HVAC system. Thus, it is best to have knowledge about what upkeep can be done on your own and what should be leave to professionals. There are several routine checks that you can do by yourself and the most important is the cleaning or replacing of air filters. It is recommended to clean up your air filter every month to ensure that the air produced by your system is clean and not harmful to your health or to your family. If cleaning is not possible, you can replace your air filter with another available in your local store. The routine checkup of the filters will prevent breakdowns due to obstruction in the air passage by dirt or other particles, as well as saves energy consumption of your units. This also holds true if you are using heat pumps to heat your home. In addition, the supply and return registers of you heating system must be check for any blockage like drapes, rugs or other objects. If there are any obstructions, you must remove it since it can cause the system to spend too much energy to circulate the conditioned air.


For complicated and dangerous maintenance of your HVAC system, it is for the best to call on your trusted HVAC technician. This is to ensure that you will not get hurt, as well as you cannot do more damage to the units due to mishandling of the maintenance. Combustion furnaces must be check for its ignition and burner operation including its gas line. The level of carbon monoxide must also be determine in order to know whether it presents high risk of damage to your health and your family. Electrical wirings of your system should be check only by a qualified technician to prevent electrical failures which could be dangerous to your household. It is recommended that they be thoroughly cleaned from dusts, cobwebs or other objects that may cause harm if present. This is also applicable to the inside and outside coils of the heat pump systems. Always remember that if you are not sure if you can do the maintenance needed by your HVAC system, it is best to refer to your technician. You can refer to this HVAC Toledo Ohio company which have been giving great service to their area.