Mistakes To Avoid When Maintaining Your Air Conditioner

An air-conditioning unit is a very important equipment for a country such as Singapore where the weather and climate is mostly humid and hot. Singapore is actually one of the countries in Asia that has the highest percentage of population that uses aircon. Having an aircon that doesn’t work effectively is the worst thing that you will experience during the hot days. It is actually a good idea to hire a professional air-conditioning service company that can get your aircon repaired. An air-conditioning unit is actually a very good invention. It works in such an efficient manner and some aircon can even save electricity. In order to prevent causing damage to your aircon, you need to know the 7 mistakes to avoid in order to maintain your air-conditioner.

Not being able to do a routine maintenance program. It is important for you to do a routine maintenance program for your air-conditioner in order to ensure that all the functions of the unit will be carried out perfectly and smoothly. The air-conditioning unit is not just like other mechanical devices and it needs frequent tune-ups, cleaning of coils, replacement of several filters and clearing off of debris and dust so that you will get to experience the maximum performance efficiency of your air-conditioner. If you have this regular maintenance program, then you will not have to worry about emergency repairs in the future.

Not clearing the accumulation of debris and dirt. Emergency repairs happen in an air-conditioning unit if there is an accumulation of debris and dirt inside the machine. Inspecting and clearing off the debris and dirt in your air-conditioning unit will be able to prevent the obstruction of the air in the machine. The accumulation of debris and dirt is actually a common situation if you have huge trees around your house. This happens because leaves of the trees often get stuck in the air-conditioner which results in the prevention of air flow.

Adjusting the thermostat frequently. Modifying the thermostat frequently in order to change the temperature inside can hinder the good performance and condition your air-conditioner. This situation also causes failures and breakdowns. The best thing that you can do in order to change the temperature in the temperature that you will feel comfortable throughout the day. Changing the thermostat settings will also bring undue stress to your air-conditioner which can lead to emergency repairs. You can also use programmable thermostats in your home so that you can adjust the temperature without touching the thermostat. Through that way, repairs and breakdowns will be prevented.

Turning on and off the air-conditioning unit. If the air-conditioner is frequently being turned on and off, then it can cause the fan and the compressor to wear off quickly. The frequent turning on and off of the aircon will bring excessive stress to the unit. In order to prevent this, you can just turn on the air-conditioner during the day and turn it off during the night. You can also save energy buy doing this strategy.

Improper use of ceiling fans. The use of ceiling fans is to support your air-conditioning unit. The ceiling fans can actually save you a lot of electricity and money because it can cool off your place even through you are not using the maximum power of your air-conditioner. Emergency aircon repairs can also be prevented if you use the ceiling fans correctly. All your ceiling fans should be put in a way that they will be able to blow the air down to you and not up. Through this way, you can be assured that the hot air will be circulated into the air duct and the cool air will be able to go inside the home faster and easier. The ceiling fans basically help the air-conditioner to function effectively and to prevent repairs and breakdowns. Moreover, there are ceiling fans that are offered in a low price so you should try to buy one in order to make the function of air-conditioner better.

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